Better outcomes — from the clinic to the home.

Options for lower extremity rehabilitation have remained relatively unchanged for the last 20-30 years. As a result, the rehabilitation process is outdated and inefficient. Until now.

ROMTech brings together an innovative, individually adaptive therapy device and next-generation telemedicine technology to create a revolutionary line of rehabilitation equipment. Using the ROMTech technology, patients begin rehabilitation at a clinic and continue their recovery at home.

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Accelerated Recovery

Massive Market, Rapid Growth

Musculoskeletal disorders are the #1 chronic health condition in the U.S.—and numbers are projected to skyrocket for 30-plus years, creating urgent demand for improved therapy options.

Therapy at home

From the Clinic to the Home

ROMTech’s next-generation telemedicine technology transitions patients from clinical care to home therapy, creating lucrative new distribution opportunities across the care continuum.

Clinically Superior Outcomes

Better Patient Outcomes

ROMTech has been shown to produce better outcomes, faster recoveries, and decreased pain—all while dramatically cutting the cost of care.

ROMTech Technology

Cutting-Edge Technology

Stand out from the crowd with ROMTech’s groundbreaking technology, unlike anything the orthopedic market has ever seen.

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