Faster recovery. Less pain.
Better outcomes.

With conventional post knee surgery therapy, it can take weeks before patients can begin cycling therapy.

Our technology lets you begin cycling therapy immediately following an injury or surgery, enabling you to recover quicker and achieve better outcomes—with less pain.

Take your therapy home with the ROMTech PortableConnect. Utilizing next-generation telemedicine features and specialized performance feedback tools, the PortableConnect provides real-time recovery data and health metrics, keeping you and your doctor connected like never before.


Recover quickly and safely from the comfort and convenience of home.

Start your recovery now and get back to your life quicker.
Ask for the ROMTech Rehab System.


The Modern Technology of Rehabilitation

After an injury or surgery, patients experience acute pain, scar tissue accumulates, and muscles atrophy, further delaying the recovery process.


ROMTech changes Everything.

ROMTech’s fully adjustable design and never-before-seen telemedicine technology enables you to begin therapy immediately and complete recovery at home. Achieve better outcomes and faster recovery, with significantly less pain.


Begin therapy now and return to your life quicker.

Ask for the ROMTech Rehab System...

Immediate Rehabilitation

In pilot studies, 100% of patients were able to begin cycling on the ROMTech therapy devices within 1 day of surgery — regardless of pain, swelling, and limited range of motion. No more waiting. Start healing today.

Faster Recovery

Patients who use a ROMTech therapy device immediately following surgery hit key recovery benchmarks quicker than patients using conventional therapy.


Less Pain

Patients who use a ROMTech therapy devices report less pain throughout the entire recovery process than patients using conventional therapy protocols.


Recover at Home

The ROMTech PortableConnect utilizes next-generation telemedicine technology to connect you to your doctor so you can recover in the safety and convenience of home — all under expert supervision.

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