ROMTech's Core Technology

ROMTech's Core technology lies at the heart of the entire ROMTech product line. Its individually adaptive pedal design allows for customized therapy protocols, carefully tailored to each individual patient.

The ROMTech technology has been shown to speed recovery, produce better patient outcomes, and significantly cut the cost of care.

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ROMTech Pro Cycle

The ROMTech Pro Cycle combines our core ROMTech technology with a best-in-class stationary bike.
Ideal for use in care facilities and clinics, the ROMTech Pro Cycle has been shown to achieve improved patient outcomes, faster recovery, and dramatically reduce the cost of care.

ROMTech ProCycle

Immediate Therapy Yields Superior Outcomes

Unlike conventional therapies, the ROMTech Pro Cycle enables patients to begin pedaling therapy the day of surgery. Immediate therapy yields better outcomes, faster recovery, and significantly less pain.

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