Surgeon FAQ & Coverage Info

Is this covered by insurance?

Yes this device is covered by most insurance plans. Our billing department will call your patient walk them through their specific coverage prior to surgery. 

What indications are covered by Insurance?

Most insurances require a surgical event but will cover a majority of lower extremity surgeries.

What if it’s not covered by insurance?

While it is uncommon. There are times where patients have higher than normal deductibles, no DME coverage, or are out of Network with ROMTech®. In these cases, we will walk the patient through their options. One such option is a self-pay rate, at $25/day. We also offer payment plans for patients on fixed incomes.

What’s involved in prescribing the ROMTech® PortableConnect®?

Prescribing the PortableConnect® is designed to be easy and problem free for the physician’s office. Simply complete the Detailed Written Order, Letter of Medical Necessity and send in patient insurance information. We’ll complete the prior authorization, call the patient regarding benefits, delivery and pick up the device. You need only send the initial information and you’ll see the patient’s information in the Clinician’s Portal. Please call ROMTech Sales at 888-374-0855 if you need help prescribing.

How do I access my Clinician’s Portal?

When you have an in-service/training with ROMTech, a representative will walk you through how to login, access and perform telehealth visits using your ROMTech clinician portal. You can login at with your email address and password. Please call sales at 888-374-0855 if you need assistance accessing your portal.

Is there any charge to my office for using the PortableConnect?

There is absolutely no charge for using the PortableConnect as a provider. ROMTech assumes all responsibility for inventory, warehousing, staffing…etc.

Where do patients call if they have questions?

It is our goal to keep as little traffic as possible coming to the office. We direct all patients to call ROMTech at 888-457-6430 when they have questions about their rehab or their device. Our team will call the office if there is assistance needed for a medical related issue.

When is the PortableConnect delivered?

The device is typically delivered within 48 hours of the patients completed surgery. Medicare insurance requires the patient start within that time frame however, commercial insurance plans allow more time if needed.

What if I need brochures or patient education materials?

Please reach out to Sales at 888-374-0855 or email [email protected] for any patient education or marketing materials needed. If you are already a prescribing surgeon, you can also use our online ordering system here.