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Faster recovery, better results

In pilot studies, patients using the PortableConnect adaptive telemed technology regained range of motion faster, experienced less pain, and achieved better outcomes, with significantly lower cost of care.

On average, PortableConnect patients meet or exceed their pre-operative range of motion by just 2 weeks after knee surgery.



Range of Motion After 2 Weeks


patients using PortableConnect recovered range of motion 2 weeks post-op

Standard Care


Range of Motion After 2 Weeks


patients using standard Care recovered range of motion 2 weeks post-op

ROMTech® Rehabilitation

Learn how we can deliver the ROMTech rehabbing experience to your patient with our no-hassle prescribing and delivery services

“The PortableConnect® has been revolutionary. Early motion is critical to a good outcome, and the PortableConnect allows exactly that.”

– Dr. Ghassan Boghosian, Surgeon

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