Why ROMTech?

ROMTech’s purpose is to bring to market innovative medical devices that will positively impact the lives of millions of hip and knee patients around the world; to revolutionize the way lower extremity rehabilitation is delivered; and to achieve profitability for the company and its shareholders.

To accomplish these objectives, we work hard to build a world-class team of entrepreneurs, business experts, creative contributors, industry-leading surgeons, clinicians, and researchers, and forward-looking medical engineers.

We are always interested in people who are ambitious, proactive, team-oriented, hardworking, and who are excited about contributing to a rapidly-expanding team in creative and dynamic ways.

From start to finish, ROMTech is radically disrupting the medical industry–including the team we build and the way we operate as a company.

A revolutionary medical technology, a revolutionary approach to work.

Review our Open Positions to discover how you can become a part of the ROMTech team!

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