About ROMTech®

ROMTech® is thrilled to present our patented and groundbreaking rehabilitation technology, designed to serve a variety of orthopedic indications. Our revolutionary technology is improving patient outcomes, cutting cost of care, and overhauling the way postoperative orthopedic care is delivered. 

We are revolutionizing orthopedic care

Combining orthopedic innovation with cutting-edge telemedicine technology, ROMTech achieves unparalleled results.

The ROMTech Mission

We innovate adaptive medical technologies that
help connect clinicians and patients remotely,
delivering enhanced diagnostics and recovery that
leads to enriched quality of life.

ROMTech teletherapy technology empowers patients and care teams by providing customizable rehabilitation protocols; remote connectivity; and the ability to recover in the privacy, safety, and convenience of home, enabling them to return to a full quality of life.

Trust in the best people

ROMTech has built a dynamic team of business experts, industry-leading surgeons, researchers, and forward-looking medical engineers. True innovation comes from the talent, passion, and knowledge of our people. Meet our team.

Management Team

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ROMTech has developed and patented a suite of revolutionary rehabilitation technologies, putting us at the forefront of the telemedicine boom—now one of the fastest-growing healthcare segments. ROMTech continues to see overwhelming success in the efficacy of our devices. As the population ages and telemedicine solutions become more urgent, we are poised to see exponential growth for the next 30-plus years. Now is the time to get in early on the greatest advancement for patient rehabilitation the industry has ever seen.

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