Patient Success

ROMTech® has received reviews from patients all over the country and from all walks of life. You can see a handful of our patients’ success stories below:

I’ve had 3 knee surgeries. I didn’t have the ROMTech for my 1st two recoveries. Those 2 recoveries were long & tough. I was completely amazed at the difference the ROMTech made in my recent recovery. I was up & moving around faster. My range of motion came within days of my surgery. I honestly didn’t have faith that it would be possible. Their customer service reps are very friendly, caring & helpful as well. My experience with ROMTech has been wonderful.

Sonia L.

This was my third knee surgery but the first time I used the [ROMTech PortableConnect®] as my PT. It made a big difference in my recovery after this surgery. I would highly recommend it to anyone going through a similar situation. Jessi, with ROMTech, was very thorough in explaining how to use the device which made it very easy to get started the first time and to continue my treatments.

Cameron M.

I used the ROMTech rehab machine after having bilateral knee replacement. Jessi Cowen was the field clinician that delivered and explained it’s use prior to surgery. She was great to work with and extremely helpful.

The ROMTech unit really helped get my new knees moving and helped advance my recovery period. I highly recommend it’s use after surgery and found it to be easy to use with full program loaded into the monitor.

Thank you to ROMTech and Jessi. You have moved my recovery ahead of schedule.

Vic P.

I had an excellent experience with ROMTech during my ACL recovery. I loved watching my mobility progress throughout the workouts – it was a great morale boost. Mark was communicative, friendly, and very flexible to accommodate how long I needed the [ROMTech PortableConnect]. I highly recommend this technology to anyone who is prescribed it.

Maddie J.

Janie did a wonderful job. She was always on time and explained everything very clearly. This was my second time using a [ROMTech PortableConnect] and it was even better than the first! I highly recommend this company.

My physical therapists have always said they can tell a big difference in their patients who are using the [ROMTech PortableConnect] in addition to the scheduled PT.

Jo B.

The ROMTech [PortableConnect] was a tremendous aid in my recent recovery from total knee replacement. The two major benefits were the convenience of having it at home so that I could schedule my sessions to fit around my daily activities and especially the feedback at the end of each session enabling me to monitor my daily progress. I sincerely feel that the [ROMTech PortableConnect], in addition to my daily physical therapy exercises, enabled me to walk unassisted within two weeks of my surgery. I would highly recommend that this product be a part of all total knee replacement therapy.

Beverly S.

This is the best thing I could have gotten for my knee replacement rehabilitation. The Dr was able to give me my therapy plan and after awhile my plan would change and helped with my recovering. I recommend the [ROMTech PortableConnect] to anyone who is having knee replacement surgery. This out my recovery ahead of schedule.

Dena L.

This machine is one of the single reasons my recovery from bilateral knee replacement went so well. I had 5 sessions per day as my treatment plan. I routinely had specific times daily and did them without fail. My recovery has been so successful I can’t thank my surgeon enough for ordering this piece of equipment.

My physical therapist also attributes my recovery and positive progression to me using the ROMTech machine. The staff were very responsive if I had a question as well as prompt replies and follow up.

Jeani W.

Very helpful in recovery from hip replacement surgery. Extremely responsive service on toll-free number, and delivery was even better, with introduction of device and setup by a very competent and friendly professional. Very positive experience and didn’t have to travel to see a physical therapist!


ROMTech was able to get me moving immediately after my total hip replacement. It was a wonderful tool for my recovery. It rates pain before and after and your treatment plan changes as you progress. I highly recommend this for anyone that has a joint replacement surgery.

Stacey K.

I am currently on day 4 of my left TKR,. Upon discharge the orthopedist PA asked if I would be interested in rehabilitation with ROMTech. Insurance would cover it for 6 weeks, nice!

I am on Day 4 and with cold, November weather in Wisconsin it has been 1) motivational 2) nice to not have to leave my house 3) I supplement it with my prescribed exercises and short walks on a nearby dirt trail. Pedaling backwards, active and passive motion and ease of use are keeping my interest. Eleven months ago I had the right knee replaced without significant issues. This rehab experience (so far) Day 8 has been quite different than my first successful knee replacement as I progressed well but remained on pain killers for 5 weeks and used the Nu Step machines also beyond physical therapy sessions. I like the quietness and convenience. Every knee has a story to tell and technology has once again expedited my recovery. While it is still early in the rehab process, I will f/u with additional observations and status. Highly recommended.

Anita C.

My surgeon provided the ROMTech device in my home following knee replacement surgery. The rep that brought the machine was great! Explained the device, provided personal number if needed, and gave me a ‘test run’. The worse part of this was the info that i had to complete one session two days after surgery…no negotiation on that.

I did use the machine two days after surgery. It was tough and painful but still provided the necessary movement. The device allows for the user to change the length of the rotation, meaning that it will have you bend your knee more as you go up in levels. There are six levels and I got to 4. Also, it is set for five sessions per day of various resistance/effort. In the beginning it is passive/active and later adds resistance. The user cannot change any of the levels. also, your doctor has access to this information via remote. I really liked this part because you can’t wimp out and decide on your own that you want to work at a lower level just to get your sessions done.

Overall, I believe that this in-home device is excellent for recuperation. The use of it, along with physical therapy, helps the healing process and promotes mobility. The only downside of it in my opinion is that Medicare only allows for three weeks of use whereas private insurance can allow for six weeks. Physical therapy via Medicare/Medicaid allows for six weeks. It would be helpful if the device could compliment the physical therapy throughout the duration of recuperation.

Patti V.

I truly valued ROMTech and the workout I received when using it. I had a total knee replacement, and I believe using this device helped with a quicker healing. I was able to get a great bend and straightening of my knee in a short amount of time. I am pretty sure if I had relied only on home exercises and stretches that I would not have progressed at the speed I did. I actually hated to see ROMTech leave my home!

Ron M.

I am positive this machine made a huge difference in my recovery from total knee replacement. I loved that it was brought to my home and I could exercise at my convenience. With the help of CareTenders therapy at home and the [ROMTech PortableConnect], I did not have to go to any out patient therapy.

Cathy E.

The ROMTech machine was a tremendous help after my total knee replacement. The experience and exercise routine that was programmed into the machine was very helpful to get my knee joint moving at a safe pace. Would highly recommend it. Just wish my insurance would have covered more than 3 weeks.

Sue C.

ROMTech machine provided movement and strength that the surgeon and physiotherapist required for recovery.

I used the machine a few months post surgery and wished I had known about it immediately after my knee replacement.

I would highly recommend ROMTech as part of the treatment plan post surgery.

Donna S.

I had a great experience using this device for physical therapy after my knee surgery. My Rep Jessi was knowledgeable, encouraging and very helpful in showing how to use the [ROMTech PortableConnect]. I would definitely recommend

Kelli C.

The ROMTech was the best form of therapy post TKR for me. I even looked forward to the next session. My range of motion really moved along quickly. Thanks Janey for setting it up and being so kind yet very professional. I recommend the entire process to everyone.

LouAnn W.

The [ROMTech PortableConnect] started me out on a quick road to recovery. This version was better than a previous machine as I did not have to wear clunky angle measuring devices. Overall result, good mobility quickly.

Navicom P.

This ROMTech program is excellent. Thank you Eric for your help. You made this experience very easy to understand, The [ROMTech PortableConnect] really helped me to stretch my knee every morning for three weeks. I highly recommend it!

Debra K.

Jessi was great to work with. She did what she said and that’s great. Jessi was responsive to my text messages. The [ROMTech PortableConnect] was in very good shape and easy to use. I thought it was very helpful in my recovery.

Keith L.

I believe that the ROMTech made a big difference in my recovery. It kept scar tissue from forming and restricting my ROM. It was easy and convenient to use. My pt told me that using the ROMTech has sped up my recovery. I would definitely recommend this.

Jeanette B.

The ROMTech machine was very helpful in my recovery from my operation. The only thing that kept me from giving all five stars was the pads with magnets that I had to wear for a full week before having a day off.

Ange H.

The machine was very helpful for my knee therapy and I highly recommend it. The ROMTech representative that was assigned to me was also very helpful and informative.

Jesse R.

This was extremely helpful to use after my knee replacement and manipulation! I believe it was instrumental in helping maintain the flexion I gained from the manipulation and was also soothing when aching. Highly recommend!!

Shonda G.

The ROMTech devise was great and really helped in my recover from a partial knee replacement. By the end of the first week, I was walking a mile unaided every morning. The best thing was having it delivered the day after I got home. That made me realize I really had to start moving right away, even though common sense told me it was too soon and that my knee wouldn’t be able to do it. However, I did start immediately as instructed and that was critical to my recovery.

I am so pleased that my doctor ordered this. All the claims on ROMTech website were actually true for me!

Susan S.

I praise my ROMTech experience!

When I had my full knee replacement, using the ROMTech—for 6 weeks—helped so very much with the stiffness and pain.

When I had questions regarding my insurance coverage and ROMTech usage, everyone—especially Eric L.—was quick to respond and so helpful.

I highly recommend ROMTech, and I will be definitely using ROMTech again when I schedule my other knee for replacement surgery.

Janie B.

After my fourth knee surgery this year I was prescribed the PortableConnect by ROMTech from my orthopedic surgeon for my recovery after a total knee revision. I could not believe how much the PortableConnect helped with my pain, range of motion, strength, and endurance! My recovery time decreased significantly! The company was fantastic with contacting my physician and insurance company to receive insurance verification. Ryan was my representative and he came to my home, set up the machine, and answered any questions I had in reference to the machine and my protocol. He was fantastic and the ROMTech company was very easy to work with. If you are going to have knee surgery I recommend talking to your orthopedist about the PortableConnect for recovery!!

Katie J.

I love this company and the integrity they have. Knowing that they are helping people to get better after a knee and/or hip replacement makes me feel hopeful for all the people that struggle with recovery from these surgeries. Their customer service and patience with me has been very heartwarming because you can tell they care. I would definitely recommend this company because their technology is made in the USA!

Anayvette H.

ROMTech’s PortableConnect has been nothing short of a miracle. In 1-2 weeks, patients are rehabilitating so quickly that the use of assistive walking devices are rarely necessary. Most of all, patients are reporting significantly less pain and a reducing their intake of harsh pain meds. I would recommend every surgeon to get familiar with this medical device and start prescribing for all their patients undergoing any type of knee, hip, or ankle repair.

Giovanna G.

In my opinion, the [ROMTech PortableConnect] was the most significant help in my recovery from my TKR. I got on it first thing in the morning and got my muscles warmed up, without pain, and was able to get around much easier the rest of the day. Each session would be easier than the last, and i will miss it!!!

Mary Alice M.

ROMTech helped me to a speedy recovery. Soon after surgery, it really helped when my knee stiffened up after resting or first thing in the morning. The doc says I’m 2 weeks ahead of schedule. After the 2nd week, I mostly used it to loosen up first thing in the morning. I called customer service to see if there was a way to put more resistance in the program, they said they would need to get ok from the doc. Since this was a Friday, I guessed the office wouldn’t return a call until Monday, and the [ROMTech PortableConnect] was leaving on Thursday, so I didn’t pursue it. I felt comfortable with what Eric told me. He was very thorough, and since the day after surgery you are pretty out of it, he did a good job of explaining, and I knew I could call him with questions. This was a good experience for me.

Bill S.

I like Romney because it’s convenient and it does help you keep your knee flexible whatever joint parts that you have had operated on this great it’s been so convenient for me to keep my knee flexible I love it I would recommend this to all my friends friends

Nikki Y.

I could not imagine having knee replacement surgery and not having a ROMTech for recovery. you get to exercise at home at your own pace being prompted by the ROMTech to increase your work out when you can. it records your progress and level of pain etc. All of the results are monitored Doctor and PT at their office. Wish I had longer than the 3 week they allocate.

Gregory C.

The machine helped me a lot during the first phase of my recovery, and Jessi did a wonderful job explaining everything and helping me through the first session and throughout the process. If your medical provider suggests it, I highly recommend using this technology after surgery.

Ashley M.

ROMTech is revolutionizing lower extremity rehab. Phenomenal company, people, and products. If you need rehab for joint replacement, sports injury, or trauma, ask your surgeon about using the PortableConnect for a better outcome with less pain.

Jeff G.

The technology or ROMTech will forever change how patients recover. Rehabilitation, with the combination of telehealth technology, is how more and more people will recover more rapidly returning to a life of mobility and well-being.

Edwin D.

I have been using the PortableConnect for all my knee replacement patients and have been astonished by the improved outcomes and my patients have enjoyed the accelerated recovery.

Boyd H.

Jesse has been the best tech. After working 30+ years in the IT and technical fields it’s important to be able to explain the operation of the device clearly. Great job Jesse!!!!

Vivian R.

The [ROMTech PortableConnect] was a big help in recovery and Jessi was great to work with for set up and questions.

Jennifer C.

Great way to rehab, the staff nice and helpful.

Trina W.

It has helped my knee tremendously.

Catchy T.

Very good experience including technical support.

F. Powers

Great piece of equipment. Therapy helped a lot. Would recommend.


The integrity of this company and the efficacy of it’s products are the highest I’ve seen in my entire career.

Michael E.

This enhanced my recovery. I gained mobility, strength, and hit the targets for bending and straightening in less than three weeks. I am so grateful it was part of my healing!

Jeffere K.