Dr. Sarkis Bedikian: How Tech Is Helping Patients

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ROMTech Telemed Technology now offers conformance technology for orthopedics, and Dr. Sarkis Bedikian explained some of the latest aspects of special technologies that customers increasingly choose over traditional joint replacements. Instead of making the best fit possible with an artificial joint, conformance technology engineers a custom joint designed to fit perfectly without making adjustments. The innovations of joint repair have almost created an entirely different joint repair environment for patients.

Custom-Designed Joint Replacements Made to Order

That means you can get a new knee or hip that’s custom-designed for your body’s bones and tolerances. ROMTech Total Knee technology gives you some of the most advanced technology in today’s medical environment. Even the surgery is carefully planned to include specific steps of the surgical implantation procedure. Technology also is used to design the steps of the surgical implantation procedure. That reduces the risks of unexpected circumstances, poorly fitting joints from off-the-shelf templates, and fewer surgical complications like side effects, postoperative infections, and long recovery times.

According to Dr. Bedikian, most of his patients opt for more advanced technology once they understand how things are designed to work. ROMTech Faster Recovery patients’ recovering times come through greater surgical efficiency and better fitted joint replacements. Surgical technology has also advanced considerably over the last few years with micro incisions, lasers, computer guided cutting, and more significant numbers of office-type procedures.

Advances in Science, Surgery, and Technology

Dr. Bedikian tells an interesting story about how he had planned to specialize in internal medicine as an intern. However, the excitement of modern joint replacement changed his mind in his last rotation, and he added another year to his studies to enter this exciting field.

Dr. Bedikian enjoys his cutting edge career and loves how doctors can communicate with their patients in multiple ways when even the slightest problem arises.

Doctors can now diagnose common problems remotely, so joint replacement patients don’t have to risk moving about. Doctors can take X-rays, change medications and treat minor infections by phone and advanced digital technologies.

ROMTech Full Range of Motion technology delivers excellent outcomes with significantly better results in a fraction of the usual recovery time.

ROMTech Machines for Faster Recovery

Knee and hip joints heal faster and regain a full range of motion after being treated with their machines including their PortableConntect adaptive telemed technology. The machines gradually stress the joints to build strength and resistance and speed up recovery times to achieve better outcomes. ROMTech Full Range of Motion technology delivers excellent outcomes with significantly better results in a fraction of the usual recovery time.

Dr. Bedikian thinks that the future of orthopedics over the next five years includes advancements in robotics, which make greater accuracy possible in all surgeries. Even artificial intelligence is being used in orthopedics and promises to take a major role in future procedures. The future will see increasingly accurate joint replacements, faster healing, experiencing less pain, and fewer surgical complications, and remote treatment for minor problems associated with joint replacement.

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