ROMTech Paving the Orthopedic Telemedicine Path

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With patented and groundbreaking rehabilitation technology, ROMTech is serving a variety of orthopedic indications nationwide. The revolutionary technology is improving patient outcomes while also cutting the cost of care and overhauling the way postoperative orthopedic care is delivered along the way. It is important to understand the mechanism and journey of the device to further grasp its legitimacy in transforming the orthopedic postoperative care space. From manufacturing to use, the modern technology of rehabilitation that ROMTech provides through Prescribe PortableConnect is unparalleled to anything else. 

The Making of PortableConnect

It all begins in the western Connecticut city of Brookfield, where manufacturing for the ROMTech PortableConnect takes place. Once all hardware, components, and sub-assemblies are inventoried in the ROMTech warehouse, the manufacturing of the PortableConnect begins. Assemblers working at sub-assembly stations build new PortableConnect units piece by piece. As more demand for ROMTech’s Prescribe PortableConnect continues to build, the manufacturing process continues to grow and expand. Also moving forward is the building out of the manufacturing infrastructure to increase output allowing for the PortableConnect units to be produced faster and in larger volumes. Ongoing improvement in assembly remains a focus of the company. Thus, the process of implementing new final assembly and quality assurance protocols to streamline the release of new units and to support even larger-scale manufacturing have also occurred in this last year. The individuals involved in the production of each Prescribe PortableConnect were and continue to be integral in the ongoing success and innovation of PortableConnect technology production. 

From the beginning, the production of the ROMTech PortableConnect has steadily increased at a healthy cadence. In Q1of 2020, there were 150 new PortableConnect units completed, with another 100 units nearly completed as of the close of the quarter. As of the close of Q1, the action was taken on scaling up the manufacture of sub-assemblies needed to build full PortableConnect units faster and in larger volumes. In addition to those 250 units in Q1, ROMTech ordered, received, and began inventorying parts for another 500 units, to be built next. 

In Q2, 250 PortableConnects were built and shipped. In addition, components were ordered and inventoried for our next 1,000 units, which are anticipated to start shipping into the field in the net quarter.

A new milestone was set In Q3 2020: the building and shipping of 500 new PortableConnects.

Another significant development of growth in Q3 was the completion and launch of the new progressive assembly line, thanks to the incredible effort from the manufacturing team prior to our assembly line. Under the older “batch” manufacturing process (building and assembling each unit by hand, in successive stages), an average of 20-25 new PortableConnects was being built each week. Upon launch of the new line, manufacturing ramped up significantly. At the close of Q3 with the assembly line running, production climbed to 20-40 new PortableConnects per day—a 500% increase in production. The manufacturing team quickly began stocking up on components to support the assembly line; and observing, documenting, and analyzing throughput and identifying ways to improve and streamline assembly line operations to increase production, with the near-term production target of 1,200 PortableConnects per month.

Q4 proved additional successes in the manufacturing of the PortableConnect despite a few slowdowns because of a strained component supply due to the expanded assembly line. 1,206 PortableConnects were produced and boxed — a 140% increase over Q3. 

Moving on to 2021, components for the assembly of 3,000 new PortableConnects were purchased and received. With the expanded assembly line up and running, the focus is on consistently manufacturing PortableConnects each month, with the ability to scale up to higher volume with additional shifts as needed. In Q1, 572 new PortableConnects were built. These units demonstrate a new, higher level of quality and reliability—a step forward on our path to continuous flawless device performance.

In Q2, the Company invested $1.85 million dollars in building 862 new PortableConnects. Throughout Q2, various aspects of manufacturing processes were streamlined to speed assembly time, grow manufacturing capacity, and continue reducing the cost of production.

Q3 and Q4 continue to focus on strategically controlling the flow of new PortableConnects built to minimize spending capital on manufacturing while completing the remaining pilot optimizations, scale-up, and maximize revenue from the 3,700 PortableConnects already built.

Business Model Core

The core of the ROMTech business model relies on Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers. ROMTech has supplied PortableConnects to those surgeons who have prescribed the PortableConnect to patients post-operatively. In turn, these DME providers have delivered PortableConnects directly into patients’ homes resulting in patients who have successfully rehabbed at home using the device. These DME providers have also successfully billed both private insurance companies and Medicare for use of the device, and been paid, and ROMTech has been paid its subscription fees by the DME providers. Considering the robust complexity of healthcare payment methods, this is a huge win for ROMTech, doctors, insurance companies and patients alike. 

ROMTech management believes this level of support from highly competent professionals—both within and without the orthopedic industry further shows the degree of confidence that highly qualified experts have in the market potential of ROMTech’s expanding suite of integral orthopedic technology

In addition to the support of these professionals, another great source of pride throughout the continuous growth of ROMTech has been receiving numerous reports from patients, clinicians, and our own customer service department that patients are having outstanding experiences, with most common praise in the areas of:

  • Reduced pain, reduced narcotic usage, reaching for the PortableConnect instead of pain medication to treat pain, rapid return of Range of Motion, rapid recovery of mobility and return to activities of daily living
  • Very high patient satisfaction, patients’ sense that they are receiving postoperative attention and supervision from their clinical team

Tuning in to the voices of those both, directly and indirectly, involved with ROMTech’s Prescribe PortableConnect allows for continuous improvement company-wide, as well as room for expansion within the modern technology of rehabilitation industry as trust-worthy thought leaders. Furthermore, testimonials from surgeons and patients alike unceasingly and tangibly add value to what ROMTech is doing. 

Testimonials: Orthopedic Surgeons and Patients in Support of ROMTech

​​“ROMTech is an investment in a technology with large potential and in which I have a lot of confidence. With the medical input we have provided, the company continuously improves the product with adaptations and modifications that make it more accessible to the folks who are buying it.”

— Dr. Scott Wingerter, Orthopedic Surgeon, Leawood, Kansas

“As an orthopedic surgeon, I felt ROMTech was something that I understood and could get behind, because I knew what the application and value-add was.”

— Dr. Randolph Cook, Orthopedic Surgeon, Santa Maria, California

“I think the PortableConnect is a fantastic device. I’m just stunned in the amount of time…. Three weeks into this thing, and it’s amazing. Three weeks ago, this thing was opened up, and a new knee was put into it. And here I am today, and I’m not only walking around the block, I’m taking extended walks, a whole mile. Pretty soon, I’m going to be hiking. I want to go hiking and do some fun outdoor things, and sports, and so there I am.  I’m on my way.”

— Jeff May, Prescribe PortableConnect Patient, Southern California

“My experience with the PortableConnect has been absolutely amazing. The thing I enjoyed the most was the fact that I didn’t have to get out of the house. I did this five times a day, and it’s the best thing that anybody could do for your total knee

— Becky Manion, Prescribe PortableConnect Patient, Evansville, Indiana

RomTech’s legitimacy is concrete and vast; from the making of the Prescribe PortableConnect, to the carefully crafted business model, and the numerous individuals who can attest to the technology, the pieces come together to form the leading company in modern orthopedic technology. With a strong foundation, a focus on positive patient outcomes and continuous improvement, ROMTech will continue to soar with legitimate innovation and even better results. 

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