ROMTech PortableConnect® Makes Surgical Recovery More Affordable

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One of the most challenging parts of undergoing surgery is the recovery afterward. In addition to the physical challenges associated with post-surgical rehabilitation, the prices of recovery can often become costly.

One company is focused on change. ROMTech produces surgical recovery devices that are more accessible and affordable than the current standards of care. At the same time, their devices are proven to be clinically superior, helping patients recover faster than those in traditional therapy.

To learn about ROMTech’s state-of-the-art technology, keep reading.

Problems Facing Knee Surgery Patients

If knee surgery is not challenging enough, many patients find the recovery process downright unbearable in terms of finances and schedules. In many traditional recovery modalities, surgery patients attend physical therapy sessions with a therapist or other clinician.

Unfortunately, traditional modes of recovery are mediocre at best, and can often lead to additional costs for patients.

Additionally, the very act of attending the physical therapy session can be difficult. Because most surgery patients cannot drive themselves, someone else must take them. This transportation burden causes many patients to miss appointments.

As a result, knee surgery patients often find the recovery process to be complicated. Even though getting back on their feet by completing physical therapy is required, it isn’t convenient for the patient.

The ROMTech PortableConnect Adaptive Telemed Technology

ROMTech is one medical device company that is changing the game. With the ROMTech PortableConnect, knee, hip, and ankle surgery patients can recover faster in a way that is more affordable and more accessible than traditional recovery methods.

What makes this device different from traditional recovery equipment is that the PortableConnect enables patients to complete therapy in the comfort of their home. The PortableConnect is placed inside the patient’s home for convenient recovery. Thanks to the device’s telemedicine functionality, doctors receive vital patient data to monitor progress via an electronic portal to make sure everything is going according to plan.

The PortableConnect is not like legacy rehabilitative equipment. Instead, the ROMTech PortableConnect includes patented Personalization Technology, specific for surgery patients. It is designed to be completely adjustable so that even patients with a limited range of motion can recover safely.

Is It Effective?

When it comes to recovery, effectiveness is an important factor. Even if a rehabilitation device is more affordable and easier to use, it’s useless without proper certification and proven effectiveness. Importantly, the ROMTech PortableConnect is not only effective—it is proven to be significantly more effective than most traditional modes of recovery.

Based on a recently-completed clinical study, patients who use the ROMTech PortableConnect improve their range of motion 2 weeks before patients without the device. Additionally, patients using the PortableConnect often report less pain and drug usage during this time. As for complete recovery, PortableConnect patients often regain their full activity weeks before other patients.

Needless to say, the ROMTech PortableConnect is not only accessible and affordable, but highly effective too.

Benefits of ROMTech Technology

ROMTech technology is beneficial for a number of reasons:


Most importantly, ROMTech is more affordable than traditional recovery options. The patient doesn’t have to attend an actual appointment or pay costly doctor’s fees. Instead, they just jump on their ROMTech device at home and start improving quickly.

Accessible For All

ROMTech is more accessible than traditional options. Many individuals who undergo a complete knee replacement have trouble getting to their knee or hip rehab  appointments, whether it’s because of finances, difficulty finding transportation, or illness.

Allows You To Recover While Avoiding Spread Of Germs And Illness

Thanks to the at-home design of ROMTech, all patients can recover quickly and in their own healthier environment. . All they need to do is walk into their living room and jump on their rehab equipment. Especially in the age of COVID-19, the ROMTech device offers a much more accessible and safe way for surgical patients to recover.


ROMTech patient therapy protocols are completely customizable and unique. In fact, their personalized therapy plans can be adjusted day-by-day to ensure proper rehabilitation without injury.  The PortableConnect is easy to use with step by step instructions that are customized to the individual.

Highly Effective

Because of the customizable design of ROMTech, it repeatedly shows itself to be more effective than traditional recovery options. Those who use the device immediately following knee surgery recover weeks faster than other patients because the PortableConnect is so effective for customization and recovery purposes.

Where to Find ROMTech Near You

Because the ROMTech PortableConnect is relatively new to the orthopedic scene, it can be a bit difficult to get a hold of for certain patients.

If you are a patient, you can visit our Knee Surgery Patient Recovery for information about available locations and general facts. Similarly, doctors can learn about ROMTech’s technology and request a demo for in-office use.

Gone are the days of lengthy recoveries that drain your energy and finances. With the ROMTech PortableConnect, you can recover faster with fewer physical therapy and doctor’s visits and less medical expenses.

Cutting costs of care

Quicker discharges, faster recoveries, and better outcomes lead to significantly lower cost of care. ROMTech has been shown to drastically cut the cost of care when used immediately following knee or hip surgery.


Total savings per patient

1-5 Days
Hospital / Clinic

5-10 Days
Acute Rehab

6-12 Visits
Home Health Therapist

10-20 Visits
Outpatient Therapy

Earlier Discharge

Skip Acute Rehab

Save 3-10 Visits

Save 5-15 Visits

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