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ROMTech’s PortableConnect Technology Promotes Safe Recovery

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ROMTech has been at the forefront of offering technologies that provide patients with the means to heal, improve, and help knee and hips recover safely and effectively. The company provides equipment, devices, and access to promote orthopedic rehabilitation using the most advanced technology to facilitate faster healing and improve mobility. One such device is the PortableConnect Telemed Technology.

ROMTech Faster Recovery: Faster, Safer Healing

Healing takes time because the body has to rely on its natural capability to recuperate while using medications and devices that correct any issues and promote recovery. Many patients usually spend the rest of their recovery period at home. To facilitate healing, patients follow an exercise and diet regimen specific to their condition prescribed by their doctor. Periodically, they visit their doctor’s clinic for consultation and to monitor their progress.

Although this arrangement is effective, it is not always convenient for patients who likely still have limited mobility. Luckily, this solution facilitates quicker recovery and maintains patient safety via ROMTech’s PortableConnect Telemed Technology, especially when it is safer to stay at home than to visit medical facilities due to patients being wary of their health.

ROMTech Improve Patient. Using Advanced Technology

PortableConnect Telemed Technology is a patented approach that promotes rehabilitation of the lower extremities. ROMTech’s total knee and hip approach is a means to promote better mobility and more effective healing within a shorter period of time. It allows the patient to perform therapeutic movements allowed by the doctor-prescribed range of motion. The process is light and gentle to avoid unnecessary stress or burden on the extremity being treated. The patient performs these movements several times a day. The frequency and light intensity of the exercises help promote faster healing and recovery.

Is ROMTech PortableConnect Telemed Right for Every Patient?

The use of ROMTech’s Portable Connect Telemed Technology will depend largely on the doctor’s assessment of the patient and subsequent recommendation. The doctor will use the patient’s health condition, medical or surgical history, age, and physical capabilities as a reference to determine their suitability to use the device.

Once approved, the company will assign a field technician to demonstrate the device to ensure that the patient uses it correctly. In most cases, at-home treatment consists of at least three (3) sessions per day. The patient typically completes the treatment in 3 to 6 weeks.

To ensure that the patient performs the movements and reps correctly, the PortableConnect device monitors and keeps track of the patient’s specific health metrics and analyzes the ROMTech range of motion the patient must perform. The device collects the data and shares it with the patient’s doctor. The telemedicine part of the technology allows remote but continuous communication between the patient and the doctor. The doctor monitors the patient’s condition, status, and progress without requiring either of them to be physically present.

Is PortableConnect Telemedicine Safe?

ROMTech has designed the PortableConnect device to be safe to use through built-in features that allow customization of settings to adapt to the patient’s current condition. The patient can adjust the system to meet changes brought about by their progress. Each rehabilitation session can be set using four modes designed to meet the specific movements that the patient needs to perform. These modes are: Resistance, Active, Active-Assisted, and Passive. These treatment protocols are designed to gradually ease the patient through the program by gently increasing the difficulty of the exercises. This way, they can progress faster with less pain at their pace. The patient begins with the Passive mode, then gradually shifts to Active-Assisted, until they are strong and mobile enough to use Resistance mode.

Prior to doing the sessions, the patient is thoroughly briefed by a trained ROMTech technician about the proper execution of each exercise. They are then taught the correct way to use the device concerning their current condition and target level of improvement. Since PortableConnect supplies the patient’s data to the doctor, the patient is continuously monitored through every session. The doctor can then issue any issues, modifications, or corrections in real time when and if necessary.

The patient connects to the ROMTechs device using the PortableConnect App. This is the same app that the doctor will use to connect to the patient, view their data, and communicate his findings. The doctor initially provides a specific treatment plan that is customized to the patient’s needs. This plan typically consists of a minimum of 3 treatment sessions per day and maybe increase up to 5 sessions.

In terms of patient privacy concerns, patients using the PortableConnect require the permission of the patient before their doctor can access the app and view the patient’s stats and data. Permission is also required before the doctor can perform a face-to-face consultation.

A key accessory that the doctor may recommend the patient wear during each session is the AccuAngle, a wearable device that tracks the knee angle during exercise. AccuAngle is equipped with a Bluetooth feature that monitors the flexion and extension of the legs and knees during each therapy session. This is an important consideration for the patient’s health and safety since this will help prevent unnecessary stretching and extensions that could harm the patient’s progress.

Since PortableConnect collects and saves data as the patient performs a session, the doctor can view and assess the stats to determine how well the patient is doing in real-time. The doctor can then recommend a different approach, make modifications, change specific movements, and increase/decrease the level of difficulty when and if required.

A Novel Approach to Healing

ROMTech’s advanced technology has made it possible for patients to access affordable yet effective technology and for doctors to provide personalized care to their patients. Rehabilitation can be difficult and challenging, but with the technology available, patients can still work closely with their doctors and maximize their physical capabilities to achieve healing within a shorter period of time.

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