Striving to Grow Orthopedic Care Through New Technology

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Patients who have injured themselves or undergone knee surgery often need tools to help them on the road to recovery. Recovering from knee surgery can be a long and challenging process, but it is made much easier by companies such as ROMTech, which have developed a faster recovery technology.

ROMTech has spent years developing technology to help improve the recovery process for many people who have undergone knee and hip surgery but then struggle to get rehabilitated. The company’s products make it easier for patients to do their exercises from the comfort of their own homes, with the help of doctors and occupational therapists.

How Does ROMTech Improve Patient Recovery?

By bringing products that a patient can use into the home, instead of placing them in surgeries or at clinics, ROMTech has revolutionized patient orthopedic care. ROMTech’s new technology allows patients to exercise their joints and complete their exercises without getting to clinics or even leaving their homes.

By shifting the place where the care occurs, ROMTech has made it far more accessible for patients, especially those unable to drive. Helping them regain range of motion in their joints in this way ensures that the exercises are getting done when they should be. Enabling patients and doctors to adjust the sessions, tailoring them to the patient’s individual recovery curve.

Overall, this should massively increase how quickly patients recover and can make it a more pleasant experience for them, rather than a negative and often hard-to-access experience. Patients who have had knee and hip surgery may struggle to get themselves to and from appointments. Consequently, missing many, they should have attended. This dramatically reduces their rate of recovery and may leave them in considerably more pain as a result.

ROMTech ensures that patients are getting the level of care they need and have access to the equipment they want to use. This puts patients in charge, allowing them to control when and how they complete the exercises necessary for recovery.

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