Knee Surgery Recovery with ROMTech’s Revolutionary Medical Devices

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ROMTech’s technology is a telemedicine-connected therapeutic tool that helps patients get moving faster. Safe rehabilitation is one of the most effective ways to accelerate surgical recovery. By providing both a portable Bluetooth enabled pedal and a patented motor technological rehab device designed for the needs of post-op patients, ROMTech is changing the landscape of knee surgery care.

What is ROMTech?

The ROMTech company makes orthopedic rehab devices. ROMTech has the goal of bringing surgical recovery into the 21st century by incorporating telemedicine into at-home solutions. At-home devices allow patients to do more than they could accomplish with expensive and time-consuming medical and physical therapy appointments.

What does ROMTech offer?

ROMTech offers a portable rehabilitation device that helps knee surgery patients recover quickly. Surgical recovery improves drastically when at-home therapy is paired with typical outpatient physical therapy. ROMTech has a comprehensive software platform that allows surgeons and physical therapists to remotely monitor patient progress and set goals via telemedicine.

Is it safe to allow the pedals to rotate my knee after knee surgery?

It may not be safe to ride a traditional bike after knee surgery, but  the PortableConnect poses fewer risks. High-impact exercise like traditional biking or running can worsen the healing process, so patients should stick with low-impact choices. Low-impact activity includes passive and active-assisted movements, however, it may be uncomfortable to use certain equipment  when your range of motion is still limited.

The ROMTech rehabilitation device was designed with the safety concerns of post-op patients in mind, which makes this therapy appropriate for patients as soon as they return home after surgery. The adjustable pedal design makes it easy to accommodate a limited range of motion.

Right after surgery, even assisted walking can overwhelm patients.  The PortableConnect assists with alleviating  weight on the knee, so it’s an excellent choice for the beginning of recovery. Because the ROMTech device can be installed at home, it does not require painful walks to a car or through a building to access the low-impact therapy equipment.

How does the PortableConnect help with Knee Surgery Recovery?

One of the most important elements in any surgical recovery is getting your muscles back into shape. Most knee surgery patients have experienced a limited range of motion and high levels of pain for months before surgery. This causes patients to use their muscles less, avoiding strenuous situations, and weakening muscles over time.  .

Joints rely on muscle tissue to support their health. Quad muscles act as shock-absorbers for the knee joint. If the quads and other leg muscles are weak, more strain will be placed on the knee joint that is healing. By engaging in a frequent light-resistance motion l, one can ensure that their muscle is strengthening to help support the joints.

Early motion can also reduce pain and swelling by promoting increased blood flow. When a patient is sedentary, your body’s natural healing processes occur at a slower pace than when they are in motion. Continuous activity reduces the amount of scar tissue that builds up, which leads to less pain and improved motion in the future.

What makes ROMTech different from traditional stationary bikes?

ROMTech has features designed specifically for recovering lower body orthopedic surgery patients and it incorporates telemedicine to help clinicians track patient progress.

ROMTech’s adaptive telemed technology uses an angle-tracking device called the AccuAngle®, that attaches to the patient’s knee. This allows both recovering patients and their healthcare providers to see objective data about the progress in their patient’s range of motion. Typically, patients can only get  their range of motion data from an in-person visit using a goniometer, so being able to access data from home gives a much clearer picture of treatment progress.

ROMTech’s device connects to a telemedicine portal that allows patients to share their progress with their clinicians. Other methods of at-home exercise cannot be monitored by doctors. The accountability for the patient that comes with knowing that doctors and physical therapists can see their activity log leads to compliance in doing their sessions and a quicker recovery.

ROMTech’s PortableConnect automatically adjusts to the patient’s changing range of motion and strength. There is no need to manually recalibrate the device each session, unlike a traditional outpatient  stationary bike. The device ensures that activity is neither too strenuous nor too easy.

How much faster will I recover with ROMTech?

ROMTech users recover up to 50% faster by using their personalized treatment plan 3-5 times a day. After 2 weeks, 50% of ROMTech users had regained pre-op range of motion, compared to just 13% of patients using traditional physical therapy only.

For ROMTech patients, the range of motion after 2 weeks was 13 degrees higher than for patients who received standard care only. There is strong support in clinical literature for the use of appropriate rehabilitation plans to regain motion more quickly after knee surgery. ROMTech makes it easier for patients to know that their at-home therapy  is safe and effective.

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