ROMTech Helps Knee Surgery Patients Recover With Less Reliance on Drugs

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ROMTech is the leading source for the modern technology of medical rehabilitation. This innovative company’s groundbreaking new rehabilitation device has proven to decrease opioid use during recovery from knee surgery.

Opioid addiction is very serious among recovering patients, and modern medical technology is helping to decrease the likelihood that a patient struggles with opioids.

Many patients turn to opioids to help manage pain during the recovery process. Unfortunately, opioids can be highly addictive and relying on such drugs after surgery can sometimes lead to opioid abuse, including long after recovery.

How can patients avoid going down this road? One way to limit the need for relying on pain killers and opioids is to look into modern technology. ROMTech is dedicated to helping knee surgery patients recover quickly, safely, and with minimal pain so they don’t have to rely on pills for recovery.

ROMTech Focuses on Improving Knee Surgery Recovery and Hip Surgery Patients

ROMTech makes it possible for knee surgery patients to begin the physical therapy process, immediately following surgery, right at home. This makes it easier for patients because they have access to therapy anytime they want it. If a patient experiences a spike in pain, they can simply get on the PortableConnect for a therapy session, which for many patients, helps reduce pain This has helped many patients take control of their pain management and see outcomes sooner.

Recovery at home is one step forward in the world of rehabilitation. When patients turn to ROMTech, they will be introduced to leading medical technology to make a recovery on their terms. The PortableConnect® from ROMTech allows knee surgery patients to experience gentle therapeutic motion to manage their pain throughout the recovery process, and ultimately help them get back to their daily lifestyles.

Physical therapy often helps patients manage pain. However, it’s hard for patients to avoid the need for painkillers and opioids when they have to wait for an appointment with a physical therapist. ROMTech allows them the opportunity to perform physical therapy exactly when they need it, including multiple times per day, all in the convenience, safety, and comfort of home.

ROMTech helps stop opioid addictions before they start

The team at ROMTech knows that the best way to avoid an opioid addiction is never to rely on them. That is why they are dedicated to creating new medical technology that will help patients recover at home, in a way that helps reduce pain without relying so heavily on narcotics. Many patients have seen incredible results with their motion post-surgery two weeks after regular use of ROMTech’s medical technology.

People who have turned to opioids can’t say the same thing about their recovery experience. Traditional therapy is very beneficial to knee surgery patients; however, patients do not have access to it 24/7. With ROMTech, they can have the equipment they need for physical therapy delivered right to their home, available for use whenever they need a therapy session.

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