ROMTech Speeds Up Knee Surgery Recovery With PortableConnect®

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AfterAfter a major surgery, the general advice is to rest, move as little as possible, and allow time to heal. But in the case of a knee replacement, almost the very opposite is true. Knee patients tend to heal better and quicker when they begin therapeutic motion as early as possible following surgery.

The ROMTech company has ensured that the early stages of knee replacement recovery and rehabilitation are completely taken care of, thanks to their cutting-edge technology. Cost-effective, recommended by doctors, and ensuring short recovery times, ROMTech devices are transforming knee replacement rehabilitation.

Movement is Key

For those who have struggled with an arthritic knee, knee replacement surgery, or arthroplasty, the idea of moving the knee after surgery is a terrifying one, due to pain, swelling, and limited range of motion. However, it is imperative that mobility in the joint begins as soon as possible,.

Surgical recovery after knee replacement is similar to other surgeries in terms of stitches, tissue healing, and wound site recovery. Yet, knee replacement recovery differs in that the brand-new joint needs to move as early as possible following surgery, and continue to move regularly so that it does not become too stiff.

Movement can feel almost impossible at first, and there is a very good reason for this. After long periods of time where no movement was occurring, thanks to knee injury or arthritis, the muscles around the knee will atrophy from lack of use. This, along with post-operative pain, swelling, and limited range of motion, make therapeutic movement very difficult, almost impossible, for many patients. This is where ROMTech’s transformative technology comes into play.

Active and Passive Movement

Because of the muscle atrophy in the leg, it is very difficult and painful for many patients to simply move their new knee joint on their own, and in these cases, it is unreasonable to think that they could and should do so. Moving a limb of one’s own volition is known as an active movement.

When a patient recovers from a knee replacement, they usually have a physical therapist who will move the knee for them, holding their leg and working the joint, and the patient does not affect the movement at all. This is known as a passive movement.

ROMTech’s groundbreaking technology ensures that passive movement can begin immediately after surgery without the need for a physical therapist. This is especially important for patients who either wish to recover as independently as possible or who struggle with the financial obligations of hiring a physical therapist.

Fast Track Recovery with ROMTech

The ROMTech PortableConnect adaptive telemed technology features several fully adjustable and customizable features that enable knee patients to begin passive motion immediately following surgery—no matter how swollen, painful, or limited their range of motion is after surgery.  This means that from the very first day of returning home after surgery, patients who have undergone full knee replacement can begin to exercise their knee joint without any active movement.

ROMTech’s technology gives knee replacement patients a brand new, cost-effective solution to their recovery. Studies have shown that the this knee recovery technology is proven to decrease rehabilitation time as well as improve overall recovery times.

Additionally, ROMTech devices use a range of next-generation technologies to record vital patient data from each therapy session, which is then transmitted to the patient’s physician who can study the results and track the progress the patient is making. Not only that, but ROMTech’s live interface technology means that a patient can check in with their doctor at any time via video link, so that a live consultation may take place without the need for a patient to leave their home.

Whether a patient is watching television, enjoying time with family, or enjoying one of a myriad of different hobbies, ROMTech’s devices are helping patients recover quickly, with significantly less pain, from their knee replacement by ensuring that there is constant passive movement and remote clinical oversight.

Once rehabilitation has improved, then the patient can begin to put weight on the knee by walking, either at home, with the help of an assistive walking device, or working with a physical therapist. This will in turn help them to strengthen their quad muscles and their hamstring tendons, which will provide extra support and strength to the knee.

Getting Back to Full Movement

Needing a knee replacement in the first place means that a lot of time has been spent gradually witnessing a decline in movement, which can be frustrating to many. Once the surgery has been performed, patients can once again take up the active lives they had before.

ROMTech knee replacement rehabilitation technology ensures that these active lives resume much more quickly than they used to, along with encouraging one-on-one check-ups with a physician whenever they wish, from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. With such a cost-effective way to recover from knee replacement surgery, there’s no wonder why so many patients are using ROMTech machines for their post-operative rehabilitation.

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