ROMTech® and Lovell Announce Partnership to Increase Access to the PortableConnect® Rehabilitation Device for VA, DoD

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03/26/2024 Pensacola, FL – Lovell® Government Services and ROMTech®, creator of the PortableConnect® At-Home Rehab System, announced today that they have partnered to serve federal healthcare systems such as the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), the Military Health System (MHS), and the Indian Health Service (IHS). Lovell Government Services will serve as the ROMTech Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) vendor to serve these customers through federal contracting systems. 

The PortableConnect enables gentle, therapeutic movement within a comfortable range of motion. Light, easy, and frequent sessions make it easier for the body to heal and recover. The result: patients recover and return to their activities of daily living more quickly, with less pain and drugs, and with better mobility. Once the PortableConnect is prescribed, a ROMTech Field Specialist will deliver the device to the patient’s home, customize the device to their needs, and show them how to use it. Treatment plans typically last 3-6 weeks, with 3-5 home therapy sessions per day. The PortableConnect automatically walks a patient through all aspects of recovery, measures range of motion, tracks key health metrics, and shares that data with their doctor so their clinical team always knows how they are doing. Its telemedicine capabilities keep the patient and doctor connected throughout the entire recovery journey.

As the ROMTech SDVOSB Vendor, Lovell is excited to bring this product to federal healthcare providers. ROMTech is now live on the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) and GSA Advantage. Listing products on contract vehicles with Lovell streamlines the acquisition process while helping government agencies meet their SDVOSB procurement goals.

“Recovery from an orthopedic surgery can be daunting and isolating. We really believe in the value of the ROMTech PortableConnect technology as a way to keep the patient active throughout their recovery and connected to his or her care team. This is particularly important for Veterans, who are more likely to require major surgeries like knee replacements as a result of injuries sustained during their service. Lovell is thrilled to add this product to our portfolio,” said Chris Lovell, Major, USMC (Ret.), CEO of Lovell Government Services.

“We know we have the perfect product when we get nothing but 100% positive patient feedback. Even then, we won’t stop innovating and working closely with patients to continue seeking out ways to refine our services even more,” said Steve Siegel, President of ROMTech.

About ROMTech

ROMTech is about helping patients get better faster within the comfort of their own home, and the prescribed PortableConnect is key to their success in that effort. With a fruitful initial rollout and numerous physicians continuing to sign up to be a part of the revolution in recovery, ROMTech will continue to be a part of the changing landscape of orthopedics and medicine nationwide. 

About Lovell Government Services

Lovell Government Services has been a trusted SDVOSB vendor since 2013 with a proven track record of successfully introducing suppliers to the government market. Lovell is a two-time Inc. 5000 honoree and leader in the federal space. They partner with medical and pharmaceutical companies looking to better serve Veteran and military patient populations, increase their federal revenue stream, and win government contracts.

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