ROMTech at the Annual Meeting of AAHKS 2019

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ROMTech just unveiled its newest technology during the Annual Meeting of AAHKS (American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons).

AAHKS is one of the nation’s leading organization for hip and knee surgeons.  

Leading surgeons from top healthcare institutions responded enthusiastically to ROMTech’s breakthrough technology. 

Dr. Ryan Nunley: Everybody that I’ve talked to that’s come through the suite here, or that I’ve met after they’ve gone through have been excited.  They want to adopt it into their practice.  The overwhelming feeling was that this is exciting new technology, which is great, because you don’t always get that with new technology.  

Dr. Mohamed Al Saied: I think it’s a great tool.  I think it’s going to help patient’s outcome.  It’s going to help patient’s range of motion, especially patients with knee and hip replacement or knee and hip surgeries.

Dr. John Chase: Well, I’m impressed with it.  This way, you’ll be going home, and you’ll be going home right to your PortableConnect unit that you’ve already been trained on, and that your doctor is supervising, and your therapist is getting the data from.  And I think it’s just really opportune the way this medicine is changing. 

Dr. Jason Norcross: The technology is applicable to all kinds of orthopedic procedures.  Now, patients have a much less painful and much more positive recovery experience out of the gate.  

94% of surgeons who viewed the PortableConnect signed up to prescribe it for all future knee surgery patients.  Indicating demand for 1,220 more PortableConnect units per month.

These pledges alone are worth an estimated $6.2 million in annual recurring revenue to ROMTech. A grand total of $41.5 million in annual recurring revenue when combined with previous pledges this year. 

ROMTech is revolutionizing lower extremity rehab, and word is getting out. 

We also shared compelling findings from a brand new pilot study, showing the clinical efficacy and economic benefits of ROMTech technology.  Broad circulation of this data is coming soon. 

To discover how you can incorporate the ROMTech technology into your practice, text or call 702.330.5464.

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