ROMTech Ensures Employee Satisfaction Through Benefits

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ROMTech employees have access to one of the best-managed care options. An injury or surgery using these treatments has a dramatically faster recovery time. The PortableConnect, the practical and valuable patient portal system, ensures good communications with qualified doctors. Staff can get back on their feet faster, use less insurance money, and exceed their pre-operative range of motion within two weeks of a surgical procedure. 

Mobility recovery times can be faster than traditional therapies. The PortableConnect and proprietary treatment strategy prove to be deciding factors for employees who may have considered orthopedic surgery, joint replacements, and arthroscopic repairs. 

Benefits of Digitally-Based Telemedicine

Answering a cold call by orthopedic staff has become risky practice, but ROMTech’s PortableConnect technology can help prevent the risk of Covid-19 infection and ancillary infections from patient interactions during therapy sessions. Employees face less risk and rewarding results for their patients. The benefits of digitally-based telemedicine for ROMTech staff members include:

  • Ability to direct patient activities remotely
  • Easy access to experts when questions or problems arise
  • Freedom from institutional infections that often target health workers
  • Ability to work when a staff member has a minor health issue like a cold
  • Ability to interact with patients to develop the best physical therapy options
  • Greater team member support with expanded resources
  • Ability to deal with mental health issues with privacy and compassion
  • Taking a cold call without worrying about opportunistic infections or the dangers of Covid-19

Traditional Recovery Time for Knee and Hip Surgeries

Patients can develop great relationships with staff members at ROMTech. They offer patients faster recovery from their homes as soon as the day of their surgery. They reduce the traditional recovery time, speeding up healing for complex knee and hip replacements. Often, they finish in half the usual recovery time.

ROMTech’s PortableConnect offers one of the most advanced therapeutic systems with adaptive technology that raises patient satisfaction levels to the top. Employees benefit from this patient satisfaction in many ways and avoid the usual infections, busy doctors, and non-working solutions that plague traditional orthopedic rehab technology

That leads to greater team member job satisfaction and fewer instances of catching a bug or an infection, among many other benefits. Employees frequently get a hip or knee replacement or arthroscopic repairs themselves using the company’s superior technology.

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