ROMTech New Tech Making A Difference To Over 7,000 Patients

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ROMTech Telemed Technology has revolutionized physical rehabilitation, allowing patients to make use of adaptive technology to promote faster and safer healing and improved mobility. Faster Recovery is the principle with which the company works, ensuring that patients have access to affordable and effective solutions to deliver a full range of motion and, ultimately, mobility and independence.

Recently, they surpassed the 7,000 mark – the number of patients using its patented technology. It may have increased in popularity, but it had to go through some birthing pains like other relatively new technologies.

Getting the Technology Out There

ROMTech was founded in 2016 in Fairfield, United States, by Peter Arn (current CEO) and Sanford Gomberg. Their goal was to use current telecom technologies to create a solution for patients undergoing physical therapy and rehabilitation. Before the advent of such technology, patients had to visit a clinic or doctor’s office for consultations and access the devices and gadgets necessary to promote mobility.

Thanks to the development of telemedicine, patients have a more convenient and safer means to recover from injuries or surgery. The technology that they developed was promising, but it did have to prove itself worthy vis-a-vis other similar technologies provided by other companies.

They decided to partner with medical professionals to test the efficacy of their device. The ROMTech Total Knee program had to undergo a series of checks to ensure that it does not only work to promote rehabilitation of damaged lower extremities but that it was also safe and feasible as an at-home treatment.

Their Telemed Technology also had to prove to be convenient and practical to use. A key part of the technology is allowing patients to perform physical movements at home using their device while their doctors monitor their performance and progress remotely. The device had to produce accurate results in real-time to ensure it provided relevant data and statistics for doctors to evaluate their patients.

With promising technology also comes the need to ensure that it continues to be developed and perfected. ROMTech’s founders had to find third-party partners who believe in the technology and have the means to ensure that it is manufactured to high standards. This phase in the development of their Telemed Technology has been surpassed successfully.

Today, ROMTech equipment and care are available to patients in the U.S., allowing them to enjoy effective, safe, and affordable knee and hip rehabilitation treatment.

How ROMTech Telemed Technology is Changing Lives

ROMTech Telemed Technology is designed to help patients recover and heal through physical rehabilitation in the privacy of their homes. Thanks to the support of these partners, equipment, and technology behind it, we have begun to make a difference in the lives of thousands of patients and will continue to help thousands more.

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