ROMTech Patients Find Success Through New Telemed Technology

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ROMTech has been at the forefront of developing solutions that assist patients in mending, rehabilitating, and restoring their knees and hips safely and effectively. The company provides orthopedic rehabilitation equipment, gadgets, and access using cutting-edge technology to help patients heal faster and enhance mobility. PortableConnect Telemed Technology helps make this possible.

ROMTech has changed patient orthopedic care by bringing items to the patient’s house rather than placing them in surgeries or clinics. Patients may now train their joints and finish their sessions without having to go to clinics or even leave their homes, thanks to ROMTech’s revolutionary technology. With no traveling needed this can lead to faster recovery times.

By relocating the service, ROMTech has made it significantly more accessible to patients, particularly those unable to drive. Assisting them in regaining joint range of motion ensures that the exercises are completed on time.

Telemed Technology allows patients and doctors to customize sessions based on the patient’s unique recovery curve. This can help with a faster recovery.

Making Use of Advanced Technology: PortableConnect Telemed Technology

PortableConnect Telemed Technology is a patented method for promoting lower extremity rehabilitation. The entire knee and hip approach developed by ROMTech is a way to encourage better mobility and faster recovery. It enables the patient to conduct therapeutic motions within the range of motion prescribed by the doctor. 

The procedure is light and mild to avoid causing stress or strain on the treated extremity. These actions are repeated numerous times a day by the patient.

PortableConnect Telemed technology has usually assisted patients in achieving success by delivering 3-5 at-home therapy sessions per day, engaging patients in their recovery journey, measuring and recording details about a patient’s recovery progress, monitoring compliance, and reporting.

Research shows that Patients who used the PortableConnect adaptive Telemed technology obtained a range of motion faster. They also had less pain, used fewer narcotics, had minor swelling and faster recovery, and significantly improved PT compliance due to ease of use, convenience, and accountability, all at a significantly lower cost of care. In two weeks following knee surgery, PortableConnect patients achieve or exceed their preoperative range of motion.

Furthermore, the ROMTech PortableConnect app has assisted many patients. The patient app, which incorporates regular clinical check-ins and health surveys that offer data to clinicians for remote clinical supervision, allows for multiple daily therapy sessions.

Patients are guided through at-home therapy sessions in easy-to-follow step-by-step video and audio instructions. You can call to get more details about how ROMTech can assist in your journey to recover from knee injuries.

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