ROMTech’s New DME Provider: ABF/ROMCare

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ROMTech has signed a new Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider. 

ABF/ROMCare is a leading DME company in St. Louis, Missouri.  They are now carrying the ROMTech PortableConnect

Jim Perry: My name is Jim Perry.  I have been in the healthcare business for 29 years.  We’re very excited about partnering with ROMTech.  We really believe in the adjustable pedal crank.  We believe in passive motion; we believe in active motion; we believe in data; and we felt that this checked those boxes.  We were very excited. This is everything we’ve looked for in a product. 

Gabe Hearst: Yeah, one of my favorite things about it is its design.  It’s not intimidating when we walk into a house.  They get right into it, and there’s a level of comfort.  Patient feedback has been good so far, and they feel like that it is easy to use, and that it is helpful in helping them regain their strength and range of motion.  

Jim Perry: Everybody is looking for that next significant improvement in the knee rehab world, and I think this is it.  

ABF/ROMCare is ROMTech’s newest DME porovider. 

Partnerships with many other DME providers are now in the works. 

Stay tuned…

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