7,000 Patients on ROMTech’s PortableConnect

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Just over a year ago, the first-ever patient rehabilitated on the ROMTech PortableConnect® adaptive telemed technology.  When we treated our 1,000th patient a couple months ago, we celebrated this key milestone by releasing a video highlighting our 1,000th patient.

Since then, we’ve scaled up the number of patients we’re serving around the nation.  To date, 7,000 patients have rehabilitated on the PortableConnect.

Meet PortableConnect patient #1,000:

Stephanie Breault: My name is Stephanie Breault, and I live in Pottsboro, Texas.  I had a total knee replacement surgery.  I had a really good experience with the PortableConnect.  And the day after I got out of the hospital, I started using it that morning, and I used it for several weeks, and it really helped my knee.  I enjoyed using it.  

Dr. Richard Jelsma: She clearly was walking very well very quickly, much faster than typically patients I have treated in the past that don’t use the PortableConnect.  And this is not just with this patient.  I’ve seen this with many patients now. 

Stephanie Breault: Physical therapist was really pleased, and I was pleased, and it’s just been a really good experience.  My knees are a lot stronger, and was just able to walk more.  I was able to do more things.  Sooner than I ever thought I would be. 

In the first year of piloting: 1,000 patients and their medical teams providing real-world feedback to develop the premier rehabilitation technology.

Steve Siegel: Clinical outcomes are now being proven.  The cost-benefit analysis is becoming proven.  And ultimately, the patients like it, and the surgeons like it.  

So, 1,000-patient, that’s an incredible milestone for any new technology that’s rolled out in the market.  I mean, it’s quite an achievement. 

Stephanie Breault: I hope that more of the orthopedic surgeons and doctors out there that do these knee replacements, I really hope that they start recommending this to their patients, because I think it really really helped with recovery.  I think it sped it up a lot. 

We treated 1,000 patients in the first year of piloting.  Now, we’re scaling up to serve thousands of patients every month! We’ve now passed 7,000 patients treated!

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