Full Knee Replacement Patient Story: Ed Burns

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Ed Burns: My name is James Edward Burns Jr.  I go by Ed.  I had a full knee replacement.  It’s been about four weeks now.  I had it at Catawba Memorial Hospital

Five years ago, I had a knee surgery, same hospital, same surgeon.  Problem was, during my rehab, I developed some issues with medication, and I eventually had my knee freeze up, and I have had a manipulation.

I think my recovery time was 12 to 14 weeks fully before I got out of physical therapy.  And you can tell with my old surgery, I still have some scar tissue that still remains today after five years. 

Ed Burns after full knee replacement

Dr. Jason P. Norcross: One interesting patient story is I had a patient who came to me for their second knee replacement.  The first knee replacement was tough for him.  It was really a challenge for him, to the point where he required a manipulation and re-anesthesia at the sixth-week mark.  He did return to me for his second knee.  And as it turned out, I was able to put him on the PortableConnect, and what an unbelievable change in his recovery.

Ed began rehabbing on the ROMTech PortableConnect the same day as surgery.  He saw immediate results.

Ed Burns: In fact, I did two sessions that night.  So, my first night, I reached 120 degrees.  I never went below 115 degrees, and that, that’s a game changer. 

Dr. Jason P. Norcross: The day I saw him on his two-week postop visit, he was all smiles.  He jumped out of the chair, no cane, walked across the room, and gave me a hug, and thanked me for putting him on the PortableConnect.  

He had 115 or 120 degrees of range of motion.  He was off his narcotics.  Swelling was down.  He was walking with good mechanics.  This is the same gentleman who struggled mightily in his first knee recovery, and it was an unbelievable game changer for him.  He told me the PortableConnect changed his life

Ed Burns: One of the things that he has done for me and he’s doing for me now is going to give me back my lifestyle.  I can walk with my wife around the neighborhood, around the lake.  I can golf again.  I have a new grandchild that was also born this year.  I’m looking forward to being able to do the things, beach, play ball, do all the granddad things to be able to do with this grandchild. 

Dr. Jason P. Norcross: I’ve learned a lot from my early experience with the PortableConnect, and it exceeded my expectations unbelievably.

The ROMTech PortableConnect is changing lives.  And it’s poised to improve the lives of millions who suffer from debilitating knee and hip pain

To discover how you can incorporate the ROMTech technology into your practice, text or call 702.330.5464.

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