Pain in Every Step: Dr. Donna’s Knee Recovery

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Dr. Donna: “Wow, this was one of the best decisions I ever made, Jill.  I’m a psychologist and a health coach.  And for the past 15 years or so, I have really been involved with fitness, with health.  I’d like to stay active, and I had a serious knee injury 15 years ago, so that was still trying to do yoga to whatever extent I could, yoga, pilates, dance, and it was painful, but I did it. 

“So, less than a month ago, I had my knee replaced, a full knee replacement.  And I thought, okay, I’ve been so healthy, I’ve been so fit.  I’m just going to spring back.  It’s going to be easy.  And I was like totally surprised.  I mean, I came out of the surgery almost like a zombie.  I mean, I couldn’t think straight.  I was nauseous.  I was tired.  I was weak, and I was in so much pain.  And I was telling people that like every step was like someone was stabbing me in the knee.  It wasn’t funny at all, and I just felt terrible.  

“You know, I have a big following on Facebook, but I didn’t like to tell everybody on Facebook that I feel like garbage.  It’s just not good.  So, I’m sort of just avoiding talking about how I felt, because it was just so painful and uncomfortable.  

“Well, then I talked to a cousin of mine, who had mentioned the ROMTech to me before, but unfortunately, my surgeon and all of his staff, and I’m talking about five people, didn’t know about it, couldn’t get it ordered.  It just wasn’t a part of his repertoire.  I mean, they were prescribing pain meds and PT, and that’s basically what they did.

“But my cousin, actually, he heard me, and he just knew I wasn’t myself.  He said, “Donna, pull yourself together, girl.  You’re a doctor, Donna.  You can’t be like such a mess like this.”  And I said, “No, I can’t think, I’m not able to use the tools that I know.”  And he said, “Well, you know what, then you just need to do this, even if your surgeon isn’t going to prescribe it.”  And he said, “The ROMTech is going to help.  We’re going to get you off of those pain meds.  We’re going to get you refocused.  We’re going to get your full range of motion back.  We’re going to get that pain down.  We’re going to help you sleep.”  And he said, “I’m sure the reason that you feel like such a mess is that you haven’t slept in almost two weeks.” 

“So, we tried a bunch of different ways to do it, and it turned out that private pay really was the only way to do it, and I said, “Okay, it’s worth it.”  I made the investment.  I’ll try it for a couple of weeks.  And I was so astonished.  I was astonished even after a couple of days.  I felt better.

“I was able to sleep.  I was able to get off of pain meds.  Even walking didn’t hurt as much.  And then, all of a sudden, my range of motion came back.  I was able to bend my knee.  I was able to straighten my knee.  And I felt more like the person that I know I am using the machine.  

“So, again, I’m just so so grateful that I trusted my cousin, and that I went ahead with the sort of experimental innovative medical protocol that even my own surgeon didn’t know about.  It was really the best decision I’ve made in terms of regaining my health and vitality.  So, I’m just thrilled that I made that decision.

“And it wasn’t that my doctor was against it.  It was just that he didn’t know about it.  More doctors need to know about this.  I think it has continued to make all the difference in the world. 

Thank you Dr. Donna. 

May you continue your speedy recovery!

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