Patient Success in Atlanta with the PortableConnect

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ROMTech is now piloting a product launch in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Patients in Atlanta are now rehabbing on the ROMTech PortableConnect adaptive telemed technology

Lori is one of those patients.  

Lori: I’ve had seven scopes, two on one, and five on the knee that I was working on with the device.  Torn meniscus, loose bodies, bone spurs, general arthritis.  I can’t even count how many, 14, 15, 16 different physical therapists.  I know the routine.  I know the drill.  I know what to do.  I know what not to do.  

This time, after her most recent knee surgery, Lori was able to rehab in her home on the ROMTech PortableConnect. 

Lori: It is just so catered to what my knee needs at this stage.  It just blows me away. 

Dr. Evander Fogle: I was impressed with several of her outcomes.  The most important of those was her reduction in swelling and pain quite quickly.  Compared to my experience with patients treated with traditional rehab methods, Lori was a few weeks ahead. 

Lori: I’m a biker.  Twelve days after surgery, I got on my street bike, and was biking.  This device had all that I needed to get me back doing what I do for a healthy lifestyle. 

Dr. Evander Fogle: I think the biggest advantage of using the PortableConnect will be the patient’s ability to be an active participant in their own rehabilitation, thereby enhancing their compliance and their postoperative satisfaction.  

The PortableConnect speeds patients’ recovery and return to quality life.  

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