PortableConnect Patient Story: Cheryl

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This is Cheryl.  She lives in Colchester, Connecticut.  Cheryl recently had a total knee replacement.  24 hours after surgery, Cheryl was rehabbing on the all-new ROMTech PortableConnect.  

Cheryl: Makes me think of the Batman car.  Look at how the wheels move.  I think it’s helped my recovery.  The physical therapist is telling me I’m a week ahead of where I were expected to be.  

Dr. Ryan Nunley: She’s already had fantastic results within the first two to three weeks, with being able to walk a half mile, minimal pain.  The swelling is actually better than it was before surgery.  And her range of motion increased by 25 degrees.  So, to me, this is a phenomenal early result.  All of her metrics far exceed where I would typically expect a patient to be at the two to three-week time period.  

As Cheryl pedals, the Portable Connect tracks her progress, and pushes key metrics to clinicians for remote monitoring.  

Dr. Ryan Nunley: The clinician has excellent updates as to where the patient is on a daily basis, and we can monitor her compliance and outcome.  So, to me, I think this is the way forward with regards to the early rehab after knee replacement surgery

Now, we’re confirming these results in a new pilot study.  10 total knee replacement patients are on the ROMTech PortableConnect in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

New pilot study data coming soon.  Stay tuned!

And next up: Our IRB-supervised, randomized prospective study will put 250 patients on the ROMTech PortableConnect.

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