Raymond Lewis: Getting Back to Work with the PortableConnect

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ROMTech knows Workers are the backbone of this country.  Missing work due to injury or pain can quickly become a major challenge for workers.  Roughly 1 in 3 days of missed work in the US results from musculoskeletal disorders

ROMTech is here to help. 

Raymond Lewis: My name is Raymond Lewis.  I’m a crane operator at Newport News Shipbuilding.  I’ve been there for 43 years.  I was at work one day, and I was walking, and I heard a snap in my leg.  And so, I was limping for a couple of days, and they sent me in for an MRI, and that’s when they realized I had a torn meniscus

Unable to work, Mr. Lewis received knee surgery from Dr. Boyd Haynes of Orthopaedic & Spine Center in Newport News, Virginia. 

Mr. Lewis rehabilitated on the ROMTech PortableConnect

Raymond Lewis: The thing I love most about using the PortableConnect was I could use it at my schedule.  I got the sessions done.  Doctors released me.  Had me back on full service within a month, and I’m back to doing everything like I did before the surgery.  

Dr. Boyd Haynes III: Mr. Lewis did great with it, because he got on it, he used it regularly, followed the protocol, and it actually allowed him to get better mobility, and I think less swelling with less pain in a quicker amount of time. 

Raymond Lewis: If you’re going to have knee surgery, I would highly recommend asking your doctor to have this machine installed at your house, because it beats all types of therapy hands down. 

Around the nation, ROMTech is helping workers – just like Mr. Lewis – heal, return to work, and regain quality of life.

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