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At ROMTech, the primary goal is to improve the lives of millions who suffer from debilitating knee and hip pain. ROMTech does that by always looking for new and better ways of administering therapy and maximizing the recovery experience for patients and doctors alike. To that end, one of the vital targets of the company is building a comprehensive portfolio of 50-100+ patents. These totally new, innovative inventions continuously expand the product line, all the while positioning ROMTech for additional markets in the future. 

ROMTech Review: Our Legit Patent Strategy 

The process for obtaining patents is no simple feat. It begins with extensive research to confirm that a product, procedure, or idea is indeed unique. Once this is determined, the application process can begin. Sometimes the application and review stage can take upwards of two years. 

However, acquiring patents is key when creating innovative products that will change the landscape of medical technology like ROMTech. Patent applications can also serve as an indicator of a company’s growth trajectory. In short, the more patents acquired or pending, the more projected successful impact in the industry expected. Entering 2020, 46 patent assets were within ROMTech’s ever-expanding portfolio of medical technology.

ROMTech’s journey to the top of the orthopedic market begins with a robust patent portfolio that covers their mechanical devices; software used to operate and optimize these devices, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; and the company’s telemedicine platform, which further leverages exclusive software properties. While most existing telemedicine patents are geared toward communications and technological “nuts and bolts,” ROMTech’s legit patents are practitioner-focused. They specifically use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other high-tech functions to recommend optimization of rehabilitation protocols to enhance care, improve outcomes, and advance orthopedic knowledge. 

ROMTech Review: Building and Protecting Intellectual Property

A substantial portfolio of high-value patents can be a significant contributor to success. As previously mentioned, ROMTech anticipates obtaining 50-100 granted patent assets in a highly valuable intellectual property portfolio with projected continued growth. Building and protecting such a portfolio is, therefore, a key part of ROMTech’s overall strategy and wipes out the falsity of any ROMTech Scam rumors

As the company continues to develop superior designs for the current line of products, a wide range of options for future products is also in the works. Several years ago, ROMTech hired a group of experienced, innovative engineers with the task of continuously improving designs to the technology. 

They were given two main objectives: first, enhance functionality, usability, and durability of the current ROMTech device. Second, play the part of a competitor and create work-around designs that could theoretically compete with the ROMTech technology—without infringing on existing ROMTech patents. This enables ROMTech to stay at the forefront of rehabilitation technology.

Portfolio of Patents Making ROMTech Legit

As of the close of Q2 of this year, ROMTech owns 94 patent assets: 25 patents granted, 7 Notices of Allowance (patent approved by the patent office and will be granted imminently), 62 patents pending. In addition to the U.S. patents, ROMTech filed a combined international patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. This grants the company exclusive rights to pursue patents in any of the 152 nations currently participating in the treaty. With such an expansive intellectual reach, the continued development for a bright future for ROMTech is undeniable. 

Some of the patents are for components being used in the PortableConnect technology. Others are for totally new, innovative inventions that could extend ROMTech’s reach into additional markets in the future. The process of refining the breakthrough PortableConnect and field testing technology with expert clinicians has catalyzed an explosion of new ideas, designs, and technologies that will enhance and expand the product line. With several Notices of Allowance already and many other key patents on a specialized “fast track” (expedited patent examination process), the rapid expansions to ROMTech’s patent portfolio are expected to continue.

With each new patent with the United States Patent Office, a primary focus is on protecting the designs of the engineers working on the new concepts. These patents are of vital importance to ROMTech and will help fence off company inventions against would-be competitors, knock-offs, and copycats, as well as protect ROMTech telemedicine and artificial intelligence (AI) technology inventions—which will be particularly valuable given the current and certain continuous global demand for remote care and digital health solutions.

Market research suggests that, given today’s urgent demand for virtual-based medicine, the high-tech aspects of ROMTech inventions promise to bring significant value. ROMTech will continue research and development to generate additional new innovations and products to pursue the growth of our ever-increasing intellectual property portfolio. 

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