Successful PortableConnect Product Launch in Hartford, Connecticut


After a successful PortableConnect product launch in Hartford, Connecticut, patients have now completed full rehabilitation protocols on the ROMTech PortableConnect. 

Patients and surgeons are responding with enthusiasm. 

Dr. Michael A. Kuhn: My real excitement for the PortableConnect is the difference I see in my patients with using the PortableConnect versus traditional therapy. These patients have decreased pain early on. They’re achieving their range of motion at a much faster rate than with traditional therapy.  They’re up and about quicker. They’re decreasing their use of assisted devices. They’re feeling better, and they’re getting back to a higher level of function than ever before. 

Cheryl LaPorte: Using the PortableConnect, I feel, has sped up my recovery. It immediately got me stretching muscles and moving. The feedback I’m getting from my surgeon and my physical therapist is that I’m progressing quickly, very positively. 

Dr. Michael A. Kuhn: Once a treating physician sees the outcomes, sees the patient satisfaction, they’re all going to want to use this device. This device has really revolutionized my knee practice. It’s revolutionized my patients, their ability to do early rehab in their home, their ability to engage in the rehab. It’s a device that I think is going to quickly become the standard of care in the community for the decades to come. 

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