Walking Sooner with the PortableConnect in SoCal

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ROMTech’s product launch is underway. 

Patients around the nation are now rehabbing on the PortableConnect

Most recently, ROMTech launched into Southern California, with a high volume orthopedic clinic, Desert Orthopedic Center

Patients and surgeons are responding with enthusiasm. 

Dr. Ghassan Boghosian: The patients coming in with the PortableConnect device are leaps and bounds better than those that are not.  It’s very clear.  It’s easy to see in their recovery process.  The way they walk in when they walk in at two weeks with their two-week postop visit, they walk in like nothing happened, like they didn’t have surgery two weeks ago.  You can’t even tell which knee had been operated on. 

Jeff May: I think the PortableConnect is a fantastic device.  I’m just stunned in the amount of time.  And three weeks into this thing, and it’s amazing.  Three weeks ago, this thing was opened up, and a new knee was put into it.  And here I am today, and I’m not only walking around the block, I’m taking extended walk, a one mile.  Pretty soon, I’m going to be hiking.  I want to do hiking and do some fun outdoor things, and sports, and so there I am.  I’m on my way.

James Brown: The PortableConnect is a great piece of a therapeutic equipment.  It’s given me the ability to walk sooner

Craig Calloway: I loved it.  It was fantastic.  I’ve never experienced that quick of a recovery before. 

Dr. Ghassan Boghosian: I’m looking at his range of motion.  It was fantastic.  That’s great, bend it back.  Beautiful.  At one month, that’s impressive. 

Jeff May: Knowing what I know about the PortableConnect now, my next surgery I’m going to have, I wouldn’t have it any other way than to use the PortableConnect.

Dr. Ghassan Boghosian: I’ll tell you this much.  If I was having a knee replacement tomorrow, I wouldn’t do it without it.

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