How ROMTech Is Revolutionizing Orthopedic Recovery

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The future of rehabilitation is already here with our PortableConnect telemedicine technology. By offering remote clinical oversight and fully customizable therapy protocols, ROMTech is providing ample freedom in the recovery process and more and more patients’ daily lives are remarkably improving.

Just what is the ROMTech PortableConnect?

Simply put, PortableConnect is the essential technology behind ROMTech’s rapidly expanding recovery revolution. The device itself enables gentle, therapeutic movement within a comfortable range of motion for patients who are rehabilitating from orthopedic injury and/or surgery. The ease of light, but frequent sessions allow the body to heal and recover in a capacity that leads to a sooner return to the activities of daily life. The recovery process from orthopedic injury is often painful and long lasting, so the PortableConnect is able to bring some ease and comfort to it. 

PortableConnect’s key to success is also in its ability to fully customize to a specific patients’ needs and ability. As such, the ROMTech medical device is prescribed, delivered to the home and is set up in accordance to the patient’s needs. A ROMTech field clinician personally comes to the patients’ home, and thoroughly explains how it is used with specific instructions customized to that patient. Then the rehabilitation process begins.  Over the course of the treatment plans that typically last three to six weeks, the PortableConnect then progresses forward, automatically walking the patient through all aspects of recovery; measuring range of motion, tracking key health metrics, and sharing that data with the prescribing doctor so that clinical teams always know how recovery is progressing. The patient is always the top priority and PortableConnect promotes this notion in rehabilitation. 

Telemedicine capabilities are another essential ingredient to the recipe to recovery that ROMTech’s PortableConnect provides. Telemedicine may have become the way of the world primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the conveniences and benefits of it will remain. ROMTech’s PortableConnect features an attached device screen which allows physicians to communicate face-to-face with patients who have been prescribed the PortableConnect. With this, medical professionals are able to check in on the recovery process every step of the way, and patients feel at ease knowing they will not have to travel frequently to a clinic or doctor’s office as they rehab. 

Ever heard the phrase “there’s an app for that”? Well, Prescribe PortableConnect is no exception there. The thoughtfully designed PortableConnect app provides additional ease at your fingertips, as well as convenience to both patients and doctors alike in the rehabilitation process. Each session on the PortableConnect records real-time stats in the app, giving further insight into the recovery journey and overall patient progress with a ROMTech treatment plan in place. There are no places of disconnect, but instead additional ease and connection to recovery faster and more comfortably. 

Leading Up To Product Launch

The launch of ROMTech PortableConnect came with great momentum. Having received thousands of pre-orders worth upwards of a projected $80 million dollars in Annual Recurring Revenue at the close of Q3 in 2020, the device was expected to not only gain incredible traction, but change the lives of millions with time. Early adopters of the device were critical to the success and continued improvement of the PortableConnect. Considered a part of our Intent to Prescribe (ITP) initiative, over 500 physicians recognized the potential of this medical technology, signing up for early-bird access to the ROMTech medical device.

With the ROMTech medical device being placed into homes by the end of 2020, patient feedback was overwhelmingly positive with a majority relaying their sheer appreciation for the opportunity to rehabilitate on the PortableConnect from the comfort of their homes. Many relayed that it helped them manage pain, improve mobility, and quickly return to activities of daily living. Not only did feedback come from patients, but the prescribing surgeons too. While the numerous praises were appreciated, thorough insight, suggestions for improvement and critical feedback proved to be most integral at this point in time leading up to the commercialization of the device. 

The Commercial Product Launch Of The PortableConnect

The beginning of 2021 brought commercialization of the ROMTech PortableConnect as additional physicians learned of and adopted PortableConnect as part of their rehabilitation prescription. This number of adopting surgeons doubled in just a few months, as did the number of cities where the Prescribe PortableConnect was being employed in the rehabilitation process of patients with orthopedic injury. 

ROMTech PortableConnect: Gaining Momentum with Physicians Nationwide

As the swift rollout of ROMTech PortableConnect began to move along, the company continued to see strong demand from surgeons for both enrolling as a pilot site for the ROMTech medical device and for prescribing it. To manage this demand, and to optimize the efficacy of the rollout, a system was created for prioritizing physicians. The criteria include many things, but first and foremost, physicians must be able to commit to piloting with a substantial volume of patients en route to “standing order” (prescribing for all applicable diagnoses). Next, they must practice in a geographical location that fits the strategy of gradually expanding the regional markets served. Additionally essential is having a sizable volume of prescriptions every month and having partners within the same practice who embrace and are willing to prescribe the PortableConnect. 

While the priority of ROMTech does remain with the patients and the doctors, having office staff who will strongly support prescribing and rolling out the technology to their patients is an important element for long term success. A mutually supportive relationship with the ROMTech reimbursement team is integral for establishing payer relations. And last, but perhaps most important, commitment to providing feedback on a regular basis to help refine ROMTech technology and process must be demonstrated. 

Beyond Orthopedics

While the ROMTech PortableConnect continues to cement itself in the orthopedic rehabilitation space, it is important to note that a number of non-orthopedic physicians have also signed up for the aforementioned Intent to Prescribe program. These physicians include renowned cardiac surgeons, neuro surgeons, long-term care physicians, pulmonologists, oncologists, physical therapists, and others. Such intent to prescribe the PortableConnect for the thousands of patients that these various doctors serve promises additional success for the remote care technology that ROMTech Prescribe PortableConnect provides. Now, altogether, a total of 649 physicians have enrolled in our Intent to Prescribe program for a total of 10,862 Prescribe PortableConnects.

Fundamentally, ROMTech is about helping patients get better faster within the comfort of their own home, and the Prescribe PortableConnect is key to the success in ROMTech’s part of doing just that. With a fruitful initial rollout and numerous physicians continuing to sign up to be a part of the revolution in recovery, ROMTech will continue to be a part of the changing landscape of orthopedics and medicine nationwide. 

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